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TARA Payment Solutions

TARA Payment Solutions

It is a next-generation payment solution that allows easy connection and payment of not only existing simple payments such as point payment, mobile phone payment, and card payment, but also future payment methods to be used for various virtual assets, NFTs, and metaverse.

Features of TARA Payment Solutions

Transform your ideas into reality through payment solutions provided by TARA.

  • Provide an easy registration and payment experience that prevents customer churn.
  • If you register your card or account information once, you can make one-touch payments from the next time.
  • In addition to existing payment methods, we also provide future payment methods.
  • In addition to the existing simple payment, it is possible to add future payment methods to be used for various virtual assets, NFTs, and metaverses.
  • Link and operate major simple payments at once
  • After development, all available means can be easily changed and modified in CMS.

Technical details

Take a look payment solutions

  • Various payment module

    • Simple payment module
    • Credit card payment module
    • Prepaid card, point deferred payment module
    • Blockchain linked payment module
    • Modules linked to local payment systems in 128 countries
  • Various B2B, B2C module

    • Online store module
    • Shopping mall module
    • Product order and delivery management module
    • Digital marketplace module
    • Precise CMS module
  • Safe security module

    • Simple subscription, multi authentication, biometric authentication system
    • KYC authentication system linkage support
    • Data retention and privacy support
  • Production process
  • Solution development process
  • 1




    We propose functions and technologies tailored to the service you want to center around your ideas.

  • 2

    Contract and payment


    Contract and payment

    Systematic schedule and reasonable cost considering speed and completeness

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    TARA provides the best results according to the client's situation with the best technology.

  • 4

    Inspection and service


    Inspection and service

    Guaranteed smooth service through meticulous inspection

  • 5

    Launch services


    Launch services

    After confirming the client, launch services.

  • 6

    Completion and Maintenance


    Completion and Maintenance

    Continuous upgrades and management in line with the changing technology environment

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