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TARA Cryptocurrency exchange Solutions

TARA Cryptocurrency
exchange Solutions

The Cryptocurrency exchange solution is a cryptocurrency exchange solution that allows you to purchase 'virtual assets' with 'virtual assets' and provides a Swap module that exchanges 'Coin' with 'Coin'.

Features of TARA Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choose and start the Cryptocurrency exchange solution you want, from CEX to DEX.

  • The USDT market, ETH market, and TRX market are provided by default, and markets linked to its own mainnet can be added.
  • The swap module that exchanges 'Coin' with 'Coin'
  • A Swap module can be added that allows traders to process transparent, reliable and automated peer-to-peer trading.
  • Multiple options for security and reliability
  • Depending on the local situation, it is possible to selectively apply from simple sign-up to advanced encryption technology, multi-authentication, biometric authentication, and KYC.

Technical details

TARA Cryptocurrency Exchange at a Glance

  • Centralized cryptocurrency exchange

    • Fiat currency payment and storage
    • USDT, ETH, TRX market other than fiat currency market
    • Swap module that exchanges 'Coin' for 'Coin'
    • Cryptocurrency listing and management
  • Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

    • USDT, ETH, TRX market module
    • Possible to add own mainnet interlocking market
    • Swap module that exchanges 'Coin' for 'Coin'
    • Cryptocurrency listing and management
  • Safe security module

    • Simple subscription, multi authentication, biometric authentication system
    • KYC authentication system linkage support
    • Data retention and privacy support
  • Production process
  • Solution development process
  • 1




    We propose functions and technologies tailored to the service you want to center around your ideas.

  • 2

    Contract and payment


    Contract and payment

    Systematic schedule and reasonable cost considering speed and completeness

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    TARA provides the best results according to the client's situation with the best technology.

  • 4

    Inspection and service


    Inspection and service

    Guaranteed smooth service through meticulous inspection

  • 5

    Launch services


    Launch services

    After confirming the client, launch services.

  • 6

    Completion and Maintenance


    Completion and Maintenance

    Continuous upgrades and management in line with the changing technology environment

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